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About Humansa

As a lifelong partner in your personal health and wellness journey, Humansa offers first-class integrated healthcare services to fulfil your health goals across different facets. Humansa's team of multidisciplinary specialties and health & wellness collaborators work seamlessly together to distill complex medical data and provide clear, integrated advice, and to personalise care plans for you to be the best version of yourself.

About Humansa Nutrition

Formulated by Humansa’s professional healthcare team and produced in FDA and cGMP registered manufacturing facilities, our supplements are formulated with ingredients with sustainability and absorption in mind to optimise the body’s absorption of the nutrients.

About Humansa Kitchen

Created with a firm belief that healthy eating is joyful eating, Humansa Kitchen delivers delicious, nutritionally-complete Asian meals direct to your door each morning. Each dish represents a careful collaboration between our in-house dietician and our chef, using only the freshest premium ingredients. These flavour-packed, health-enhancing recipes are meticulously prepared in our dedicated kitchen, then placed in biodegradable, sustainable packaging and delivered to your door every morning.

Forget meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking at the end of a busy day – Humansa Kitchen maximises convenience, freeing up your time to indulge in your favourite Asian flavours while optimising your nutrition.

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Humansa Nutrition

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